This course has been a real awakening for me.

I have done a lot of counselling over my years - I never really felt that I had any ‘grief' or unfinished business to deal with.

Death had not really impacted my life in a traumatic way however I came to realise that DEATH is only one form of grief.

I quickly discovered that my share of traumatic experiences had left me damaged and grieving for what I missed or had taken from me.

I feel much lighter and have a greater depth of understanding of grief I had been carrying and the impacts that some of the relationships in my life had left.

I can highly recommend this course - and in particular Bronwyn Brooks as a facilitator to anyone.

She has a depth of compassion and understanding that was integral to my ability to work through my grief and continue on through the course as some weeks I found quite challenging.

Bronwyn was available and present emotionally and totally professionally to help guide me back on track.

A great program that I truly believe everyone would benefit from, because I believe everyone would have some amount of unfinished emotional business to deal with.

Thank you so much x

Jodie K, 2021

Taking part in the Grief Recovery Program has been one of the best decisions I have made.


Working with Bronwyn one on one and using the Grief Recovery handbook has given me the tools to move past my unresolved grief.


Although the process can be confronting, it works and allows you to use the same tools for all incomplete relationships from the past and any you may have in the future.


Originally, I did not want to see anyone to get help or guidance, but these sessions didn’t feel like therapy, it felt like a conversation that was healing old relationships.


Seeing traditional counsellors, I felt as though I was rehashing the same story and never getting anywhere, but with this program I feel as though I have the tools to support myself in the future when I am feeling down.


Using the program has helped me understand some of my triggers and why I think the way I do. It has given me a better understanding of who I am.

Isabelle Bushby 

We will never forget the help, care and guidance that Bron gave us after our darling Dad unexpectedly passed away.


Bron went above and beyond as we were so unprepared in what to do and how following his death.

Bron's professional experience and skills from the funeral industry combined with her personal attributes of genuine compassion, kindness and empathy made her the most perfect person to help us deal with our sudden loss.


Bron guided us through the process of choosing a Funeral Director, organising an appropriate Funeral for Dad, listening to our needs, helping us write his eulogy, organise his cremation etc. Bron amazingly pulled it all together in limited time! 

On the day of our beach funeral, Bron lead the order of service with her beautiful heart, humour and creativity. She made it the best farewell for our very colourful and loved Dad. 

We are forever grateful for everything that Bron did for us during such an overwhelming and difficult time. 

Sammi and Sophie Mackennal

I was introduced to Bronwyn in 1999 when she urged me to take her application as a participant with the Millennium Expedition to Nepal.

Our plan was to take young people to Nepali to celebrate the millennium, while at the same time enabling young people to contribute to a developing country through this life changing experience.

20 years later Bronwyn returned with her daughter to again experience the wonders of Nepal, while taking time to reflect, share and reconnect with values, hopes and future.

Through these experiences I noticed the tenacity, resilience and inner strength Bronwyn has as a women, as she supported and encouraged others. Even while she was facing some major personal battles.

I really valued her leadership, compassion and wisdom as we asked her to be involved in the leadership teams on trips that required her to support a team of young people into unknown experiences in developing countries over extended periods of time.

Bronwyn has strong people skills that are clearly displayed as she supports individuals and groups through a crisis, a challenge or a period of doubt. She is quick to connect and slow to intervene, allowing everyone to feel comfortable, supported and nurtured in a compassionate manner.

I wish her well in her venture knowing those who seek her guidance will receive much, through her utmost respect of a person-centred focus.


Graeme Kent OAM PHF KSJ

On the 1st July 2018 I lost my wife to a sudden heart attack after 57 years of a wonderful marriage.


My life was suddenly turned upside down and even though I received wonderful support from my family the loneliness and grief were very hard to live with.

Enter a new friend Bronwyn Brooks who was able to help me realise that I could go forwards or backwards. My choice.


A few counselling sessions and Bronwyn was able to propel me forward to a happier life. She was outstanding and I am so grateful for her support and advice.

I still ring Bronwyn when I am a little down.

Brian Cook